Mic Test Final Touchups

Hello all, I’m back again! Today I bring some more progress to the same recording I’ve been working with for the past days. I find it helps to take breaks intermittently when trying to mix recording, especially since most of the changes you make will be so slight it gets hard to tell the difference after a while.

As a reminder for those of you who did not read my previous posts, the actual performance in the recording is a bit sketchy, the main idea was to test out my new microphones. You can skip the chatter and listen to the song or read on for the details.

The files I’ve posted so far were all mixes without the use of any additional plugins—just straight up modifications of volume and pan settings. Today I’ve added to the mix three plugins, after trial and error.

The Plugins

  • Mono to Stereo Splitter (required for reverb on vocals)
  • Simple Reverb (SonicBirth plugin)
  • AUGraphicEQ (for kick drum)

Even though I very much liked the natural sound of my kick drum, I did add a slight EQ to it for extra punch and presence, and to try to clear up the loose skin type of sound it had a bit. Here’s what the EQ looks like:

Kick Equalizer Settings

4k and 5k bands are where it's at.

if you didn’t already know, the 4k and 5k bands are what really added to the sound of the kick drum. Around here is where you can pick up what’s called the “click” of the kick drum. The click of the kick drum is the sound of the beater hitting the drum head, and it’s what gives the kick drum more punch. The result sounds almost like a triggered drum, but that’s also because I play the kick in this song slowly with pretty much equal force.

Below is an image of what my mixer window looks like, remember that plugins whose names are enclosed in parens are not in use.

Ardour mixer window

Only 3 plugins are being used.

You’ll also notice I muted the floor tom track, this was to clear out some

of the ride cymbal resonance that was bleeding into the tom mic—and since I didn’t use the floor tom once in this song, it was not serving much purpose.

The Result

Listen to the final result.

Don’t like the way it came out? Got suggestions for me? Comments? About anything at all? Post a comment down below.

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