Cracked Cymbal Shatters Dreams and Hopes

Cracked crash cymbal

Cracked crash cymbal

Hey guys, as you may have noticed it’s March 1st, and still no full Pekk album available for download. I haven’t been doing my best at keeping you guys informed, but I’ll have you know that I have been working on the album! So where is it? Well, the goal was mainly to have everything recorded by the end of February so I could then work on mixing it and actually release the album during the early weeks of March. A few days ago while recording more drum tracks I ran into a huge problem:  a crack in my crash cymbal has spread to catastrophic lengths, literally!

I recorded two more songs with the broken cymbal anyway since I wanted to push myself to get some more songs done for you guys, but I’d like to resolve this issue in the best way possible before recording anything else.

Close up of the cracked crash cymbal

Long crack deadens the sound of the cymbal

Right now I’m in the process of figuring out if this cymbal is under warranty still and if this damage is even covered by the warranty. Most likely I will have to buy another one to replace it, which then makes me wonder if I should replace it with a crash cymbal of the same size or a different size. With a different size I could put both up and use the cracked one as an effect cymbal in place of my china until it breaks completely. The Zildjian website offers a wide variety of replacements for my 16″ ZBT crash.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, post a comment and let me know! Pekk needs your help!

Here are some more images of the damage:

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