About the Band

Pekk is a band comprised of one key member: Gregory "Pekk" McQuillan. The band started started when Gregory was back in High School, at approximately age 16, though at that time it remained unnamed. After putting together a series of short, catchy songs of his own and recording them Gregory later joined a band called Stuntman, where he originally played the Bass guitar, then later switched to playing the drums when the band switched members around and changed its name to Team Havok. This is where he was given the stage name "Pekk." After spending about a year or so with the band, he left and resumed recording more of his own songs under the name "Pekk."

About the Name

Where does the name "Pekk" come from? In the context of my band the name PEKK does not mean polyetherketoneketone. (What?) "Pekk" is sort of a play on words, but it originates from my real name, Gregory. When trying to register online for a computer game a few years back I created a character, who I wanted to name Gregory—unfortunately, the name was taken and could not be used. The character was a tiny little guy, so I immediately thought to use the name "Peck" after the actor, Gregory Peck, and also because it also sounds like a very small name. Peck was also taken, so I out of desperation I used an alternate spelling, "Pekk."


"What? Why would you even put this here?!"

Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Well, actually I could, and I will. As stated earlier the band only has one member—Pekk, and that's me. So this is the section where the bio of that one member would go. But wait! There's more! Some of my songs feature extras. People who have contributed in any way to the production of the music in a very helpful way, frequently recurring "guest members" will have profiles that will appear here. Lucky!


Name: Gregory McQuillan
Birthdate Unknown, est. late 20th century
Age: Unknown, approximately 23 years.
Position: Lead vocalist, backup vocalist, lead guitar, backup guitar, bass guitar, drums, lead web designer, web programmer, sound engineer.
Interests: Anime; Music: { playing, writing songs/lyrics, recording }; computers: { unix, open source, programming, web design }; video games.