Hi, Pekk here. This is my band page. I don’t really like talking about myself much but I suppose that’s why you’re all here. I am Gregory, I am approximately years old.

I’ve been in bands before but just after leaving a punk band in my senior year of undergrad I decided to go solo and explore my musicality more by finally studying the drums formally, for the sake of being able to record with less mistakes (ideally). What happened instead was that I unlocked a powerful world of music on the drums that I did not know about previously.

Going solo and recording has been been a very educational experience which has also drastically helped me to grow musically.

I play the guitar, drums and sing. I don’t claim to be amazing at any of this but I hope that you all enjoy it and find something that helps you get through your day.

I’ve already said way more than I expected, so ciao for now.