Listen to some of my music below, it’s a bit untidy right now, but as things come together the page should get more pretty and organized.

I’ll try to keep everything in descending order from newest to oldest! Enjoy traversing through the wild history of Pekk Music.

External Sources of Pekk Entertainment

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2014 (Album)

Released 2014

Songs written in prior years, re-recorded in higher quality for your listening pleasure.

  1. Ska Intro

  2. Tacky Taco Trauma

  3. Qtastrophe

  4. Midnight Ramen

  5. That Night (Rose)


Listed alphabetically

  1. Ain’t No Point (feat. Cousin Dew)

  2. All That She Wants (Ace of Base cover)

  3. Iris (covering Goo Goo Dolls)

  4. The Loading Screen

Songs from Uni Days

Released 2004 – 2006

Songs from my undergrad days, full on ridiculous and/or experimental

  1. The Jungle Song

  2. Game Theme Song

  3. Two Hour Delay

  4. Querida Alida

  5. Tacky Taco Trauma (orig.)

  6. Things About Me

When I was in high school I sounded like this

volume_down WARNING the sound quality of these songs is mostly horrific. These are mostly here for historical purposes and to appreciate the history of my song making.

Here are some of the songs I wrote, performed and recorded back when I was a teeniebopper in high school 🤣 I WAS SO ADORABLE.

These recordings will actually sound terrible, but I keep them around for my own amusement and to see how far I’ve come along the years in terms of recording quality and playing ability.

Don’t be surprised if my instruments are out of tune.

Newest to oldest (circa 2003)

  • Two Man Ska Band - The Anthem of a Two Man Band
  • Amber, the Long Distance Love Song
  • Greg Can’t Sing (Death Metal Acoustic Version)
  • In This House of Mine
  • New Song
  • Improv
  • Blown Away
  • Under my Tree
  • Caitlin, Whose Name I Won’t Say.